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Say Yes!

Be happy & healthy with Jen
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Do You Want Real Transformation?

Tired of counting points, restrictions, and living a diet roller coaster? 


Checkout my testimony of our mindset nutrition program and stop letting food control you. If this sounds like what you need message me today and I can have you set up and releasing weight within an hour of completing the enrollment. 

Hi I'm Jen! I'm a 43 year old working mom and wife. I found my passion helping others with their health after living a 20 year cycle of losing and gaining weight to over 300 lbs more than 3 times. I turned my past failures and feeling worthless into a gift to help others. 


I often speak to small groups sharing my story, inspiration, and tips to starting and continuing a health journey most recently appearing on Comcast’s My Peace of Happy talk show.  If you are looking for motivation, tips, and real life join me on social media.


My mission is to inspire, empower, & support families to be their happiest and healthiest and I offer comprehensive family solutions for both fitness and food.  


My favorite words of encouragement are:  I know it is hard, I know you can do it, yes you can.  My hope is to inspire you to action and ask yourself: is this my limit or is this where I grow?


If you are ready to grow, live your best life, and start your own journey I'm is just a message away!


Jennifer Hernandez

Mindset Nutrition Coach & Mentor

Instagram: @2behappyandhealthy


Check out my transformation video below!

Will you say yes with me?!

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