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Say Yes!

Be happy & healthy with Jen
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Do You Want Real Transformation?

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Tired of counting points, restrictions, and living a diet roller coaster? 


Checkout my testimony of our mindset nutrition program and stop letting food control you. If this sounds like what you need message me today and I can have you set up and releasing weight within an hour of completing the enrollment. 

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Here's my story!


I'm Jen; a busy working mother of a 9 year old boy and wife.  I found my passion helping others with their health after living a 20 year cycle of losing and gaining weight to over 300 lbs more than 3 times.  Every 3 to 6 months you would get a different size me between a size 16 to 28.   My past failures left me feeling worthless and like a zombie, just charging up debt on quick fixes and other non-essentials trying to make myself feel better. 


September 2016 I broke that cycle and have since evicted 120 lbs with healthy food choices and home workouts.  My biggest gain the last 3 years is my confidence and true freedom from food controlling me. Finding this healthy and happy relationship with food has helped create a happier version of myself that I want for others.

I ask myself every morning: "who do I get to help today?"


Since you are on my page my hope is that I get to help you.  I truly live to inspire, empower, & support families to be their happiest and healthiest and it all starts with a choice.

Check out my transformation video below!

Will you say yes with me?!