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2B Mindset

I feel sharing a piece of my story and results is important before telling you about why I feel EVERYONE should own and use 2B mindset.


As a coach I ended a 20 year yo-yo diet cycle that had me up over 300 lbs 3 times in my adult life. Since saying yes to Coach Jamie Fall of 2016 I have evicted 120 lbs and created my healthiest and happiest version of myself.  


I was already successful losing weight when I had the honor of being in the 2B test group and honestly didn’t think I needed 2B when I was in the audience hearing Carl interview Ilana about the program the summer before it launched. I didn’t get how it could be different for me since I lost 70 lbs with portion fix. 


I lost weight with portion fix and our workouts, but 2B Mindset freed me from the worry of ever regaining the weight. 

2B Mindset released that control I didn’t realize food still had on me. I began saying AND BELIEVING: I have evicted the weight, it is not coming back. 2B has given me the questions and tools to learn what had me stuck in the previous cycle for 20 years and how to change it. 


Even if you continue to use the portion fix to measure and eat for the day I still feel you can benefit from the tools Ilana shares.


Here are just 3 struggles I uncovered and now plan for thanks to tracking and 2B tips:


❤️Physical touch is important to me and at family or other events with food that hugs are not possible I find myself eating extra because food is “touching” me and giving me connection.


❤️I gain 4-6 lbs the day before I get my period.


❤️When I sleep less than 6 hours I am more likely to over eat or eat extra silly because I am tired.


In addition to simply living and posting about the 2B lifestyle I feel the best way to share 2B Mindset is with your own personal story! 


Here's mine and how I share it with a youtube video that I can send to people. Feel free to use mine but I encourage you to make your own.

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