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Coach Jen Presents...

Better 2Gether Family Friendly Kickstart

A 2-day virtual event for moms who are ready to feel better in their skin and help their family improve too! 

Inside the event:
Your mind is your most powerful tool so day one we start there by creating a powerful vision and why for yourself.  Together we will workshop healthy mindset routines to help you end your day feeling good about what you achieved. With your mind set to grow and a clear vision to work with day two we talk movement & nutrition. A math equation you can count on is this: Action + Time = Results

The equation isn't MASSIVE Action, it is simply Action. My favorite sort of action are the seemingly small choices we can make that add up to big results.  I'm excited to show you how you are already doing better than you think when it comes to nutrition & fitness as well as ways to start implementing permanent family friendly habits so that you can get and keep the results you want in your health and fitness staying motivated to keep going while bringing your family with you.


You will be along side a group of women with similar goals so that you have a support system too! I'm looking forward to seeing you on the other side of YES!

Better 2Gether 2-Day Event

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